Want A New Reservation System That Differentiates You From The Competition?

Watch this video and see what the TravelrSM system can do for you.

Your customers and/or reservation agents can watch the trip take shape while they are planning it.

  • Running total of trip cost
  • Day by day list of activities
  • Ability to substitute individual components on the fly

Improve reservation agent productivity by over 40%.

  • With TravelrSM your agents can be experts without knowing anything about the destination they are selling
  • TravelrSM shows you attractions that are near you hotel, or shows you hotels near what you want to see
  • TravelrSM contains extensive content about everything you are offering for sale as well as information about the destination
  • Your agents will truly be twice as knowledgeable and efficient as they are currently

Get real time access to over 200 travel suppliers.

  • Book your contracted rates with the supplier, or book their generic industry rates if you don’t have a contract with that supplier
  • No more calling or emailing suppliers if you preferred vendors are sold out

Get a strong foothold in multiple markets.

  • TravelrSM can display your product in over 20 different languages
  • Need a language we don’t have? We can add it.

Expand your market by supporting all currencies traded.

  • Price your product in your preferred currency
  • Sell your product in any currency you want
  • Process payments in any currency you want

Reduce Information Technology (IT) expenses.

  • TravelrSM is cloud based - no equipment to maintain
  • Agents and customers just need access to a web browser to use
  • All data is backed up automatically multiple times every day

Why Switch To A New System?


Our System Is Better

Because this system is so much better than what you have you will realize an immediate increase in sales and a decrease in expenses once you are using TravelrSM.

Tired of competing with the big guys for business? Why not switch to a system that is better than anything they have?

We'll Help Make The Switch

We know switching systems is a lot of work. You have to reload all of your product, retrain your staff, redo your web site and you have to make the decision to do this before you are sure that you made the right decision.

Tech 7SM has a better way to handle this process. Just pick one of your destinations or departments and try the TravelrSM system out in that area and see how you like it. We will help you get that department up and running and you can see for yourself how much better TravelrSM is than what you have been using.

Tech 7 Travlr Destinations

Important TravelrSM Features



In-house / B2B / B2B2C / B2C / White Label



Fusion Travel Management System with Multiple Distribution Channels



Global Search & Book through 110+ API's across 7+ product classes



Custom Contract Management System



Advanced GIS & Content Management System (VR Ready)



Request - Quotation Management

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