Your Clients Want More

In a world where consumers have more choices than ever before, it is not enough to provide basic information about destinations or undercut competitors to get ahead. You must offer clients something they consider valuable and services that are unique to your business.


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The TECH 7SM Solution

Recognizing this need, TECH 7SM presents TRAVELRSM, the premier all-encompassing travel management system. It offers more than 200 APIs (connections to travel suppliers) and is packed with advanced features that supercharge travel bookings and effectively market your company.

Empowering the Booking Experience

TECH 7SM's TRAVELRSM system’s advanced features give you access to the following critical capabilities that will help you win and retain clients.

  • Expedited Tour BookingBook tours in the places clients want to go with one click.
  • Best Rates For ClientsSource negotiated accommodation and flight rates for clients more efficiently.
  • An Abundance Of Hotels And FlightsChoose from more than 550,000 hotels and over 200 suppliers for flawlessly executed transfer arrangements from airports, hotels and ports.
  • Real-Time Interactive Dashboard with Usage & Performance AnalyticsInform future business moves with your previous wins and losses.
  • Multi-Layer Commercial Policy ManagementMinimize your client loss risk and increase your profit margins.
  • More Ferry Ticket Booking OptionsGive clients access to all domestic ferry routes.
  • Yield Management ToolManage your bottom line easily with fast yielding perks.
  • Payments Management With Anti-Fraud SupportGuard your business against the very real risk of fraud.
  • Multi-Language And Multi-CurrencyGet a strong foothold in multiple markets by accepting all currencies and supporting all languages spoken.
  • Intuitive User Interface DesignThe user-friendly design makes it easy to work smarter and improve your productivity.
  • Responsive DesignEnjoy a seamless experience across all devices thanks to the TRAVELRSM toolkit design.
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The way PPV advertising works is, a user is given certain features they desire via a download. In exchange for these features, they accept the presence of advertisements on their device. Every time an ad is shown, the advertiser pays a fee to the owner of the software the user downloaded. The benefits of PPV advertising include a low initial cost, unlimited traffic potential and unlimited potential return on investment (ROI).


Innovative, Yet Easy To Use

You have a business to run and no time to waste. To that end, the makers of TRAVELRSM designed a product that is intuitive and user-friendly.

Learning and mastering the platform is a breeze. This allows you to deliver exemplary service to your clients without losing precious time.

Find out how you can supercharge your business with the next generation of travel booking technology.
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